Monochrome Chicago

July 24, 2014

Spent the weekend wandering through The Windy City…

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Guest Post: Backroads of Georgia

July 17, 2014

Claire Cothren of Blueprints and Backpacks was my co-pilot during my days as an architectural surveyor at UGA Find It. We spent many long hours cruising around Georgia and documenting and photographing buildings, trying to convince people we were not tax accessors, and eating a lot of biscuits. She recently shared this post about some our favorite findings and lessons learned on the Georgia backroads. Enjoy!

Burgers and Dogs

July 14, 2014

Hamburgers and hot dogs are summer essentials. As an avid fan of both, I’ve put together a list of favorites down South.

The Varsity – Atlanta and Athens Georgia


75 years and still going… What’ll ya have? READ MORE

Happy Summer

June 21, 2014

happy summer

Whether at the beach, shopping around town, or on a road trip, my summer must have is a great pair of shades.  Currently coveting this polarized, graphic pair, Banks, from Warby Parker’s new Summer line. If you’re not familiar with Warby Parker, they offer sharp, stylish shades online at affordable prices and with every pair sold they provide a pair of glasses to someone in need. Win, win.

Other Warby Parker shades on my wishlist.
warby parker

Time to grab your shades and hit the road… Happy Summer!

A Weekend in the Classic City

June 18, 2014

A visit to Athens for me means lots of eating, shopping, and seeing old friends. Last month I ventured to Athens for a wedding/grad school reunion and soaked up as much of the Classic City as possible. It’s always hard to hit all of my  favorites, but I sure try.

Old favorites:

5&10 – Five Points

Everything at 5 & 10 is delicious… you cannot go wrong. I like to order a few appetizers to sample different flavors and save room for dessert. This trip my friend Katie and I were so hungry I forgot to take photos… shame on me.


Cinco y Diez

June 5, 2014

After hearing about Chef Whitney Otawka’s latest endeavor at The Southern C Summit in Athens and months of drooling over her instagram feed, I finally visited her new restaurant, Cinco y Diez, in Athens, Georgia for brunch last month.

Cinco y Diez is the latest collaboration from Athens food authorities Hugh Acheson and Melissa Klegg. The two began their food journey together with the Athens landmark, The Last Resort Grill (another absolute must.) This round with head chef Whitney Otawka, Cinco y Diez serves up traditional southern foods inspired by flavors of the Americas in the heart of the Five Points neighborhood. READ MORE

I want to win!

May 29, 2014

An Alesya Bag that is…

I really hate to admit it but I am a 30 year old gal rockin’ a backpack to carry my laptop and other accessories when I travel. Charleston entrepreneur, Alesya Opelt, has created the ultimate laptop bag for the modern woman and she is giving one away!

alesya bags

via alesya bags

I first discovered Alesya Bags at The Southern C Summit and fell in love with their rich colors and unique style. In the designer’s words, “Part fashion, part function, this stylish laptop bag has plenty of room for your carry-on comforts. Throw in your sunglasses, a bright summer lipstick, your phone and all the other essentials and still have plenty of room for your laptop.” This is exactly what I need.


As a travel blogger and social media manager, I don’t work in a typical office. Whether I’m at the airport, an event, or heading down to the coffee shop, this bag would be the perfect accessory to keep my mobile office organized while looking stylish.

I have a busy summer ahead with trips (for work and play) to Chicago, Indianapolis, and down South, so I hope I’ll be traveling in style.

Here’s what I plan on packing in mine.

  • laptop
  • phone
  • chargers
  • shades
  • notebook
  • scarf
  • one love organics skin savior balm

As far as colors go- I love them all!

Want to enter for yourself? Check out her blog for the details.

A stroll through downtown Charleston

May 13, 2014

Charleston After a busy few days at The Southern C Summit, I gave myself an extra day to explore Charleston. So before some last minute shopping and more eating, I set out on an early morning stroll to photograph a few of my favorite buildings. READ MORE

Happy Mother’s Day

May 11, 2014

In honor of Mother’s Day I’m sharing mom’s best advice, memories, and a coveted family recipe. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mom always told me…“You can be or do whatever you want as long as you work hard and put yourself out there.”  My mother gave me this advice at a very young age and continues to remind me of it…probably because I have had several dreams/career aspirations from being a professional horseback rider when I was 8 to wanting to be an art gallery director when I was in college.  I have worn many hats already in my young career and will probably wear several more; I know as long as I remember her advice I will continue to enjoy my career journey and find what “makes me tick.”

Favorite memory… One of favorite memories with my mother is from Christmas 2007.  I had recently moved to Maui that August with my boyfriend Ryan.  The big move was hard for my whole family, but it was really hard on my mother and me because it was the first real time I was moving far away (not to mention halfway around the world).  That December my family decided to come visit us in Maui for a week and spend Christmas and it was fantastic.  For better or worse, daughters always want to impress and gain the approval from our mothers and thankfully this trip went off without a hitch!

For Christmas Eve and Christmas day, we decided to take the family around to Hana on the far eastern side of Maui, spend the night, and then hike to a waterfall in the National Park on Christmas Day.  After a three-hour drive on “the long and winding road” to Hana, the men treated us to grilled kabobs for Christmas Eve dinner followed by the usual story telling and a Christmas Vacation marathon. Christmas morning activities vary in our family, but one thing is constant, a big breakfast.  Even though we were in the land of spam and poi, my mom, sister, and I made our traditional Christmas day breakfast casserole complete with skillet sausage and lots of cheese. As usual, we spent the morning gabbing over coffee, prepping the casserole and other sides, and she told me how proud she was of me for taking a chance on an incredible adventure I’d always remember.  This Christmas will always hold a special place in my heart.

Favorite recipe… In our family, like most Southern families,  good recipes are passed down by the mothers to their daughters as they grow up or after they get married.  My great grandmother’s Chicken Pot Pie is one of those rich and comforting dishes that children would eat everyday if they could, and adults love it because it transports them to their childhood.

Nannie (my great grandmother) surely got it from her mother, and passed it down to her daughter when she got married.  Called “Bunny” by most, my grandmother Nome, made it for her children throughout their lives. The original recipe called for homemade pastry for the crust, and my mother said that sometime in the 1970s, Nome gave Pillsbury pastry sheets a try and passed the test!  Needless to say the scratch pastry was never made again. When we grandchildren came along, so did the chicken pot pie.  Anytime we made the trek from St. Simons Island to Birmingham, she had it waiting for us that first night.   The rich, buttery smell of the pastry cooking instantly takes me back to my grandmother’s kitchen; me setting the table, filling the tea and water glasses for everyone and placing the trivets in their appropriate places on the farm table in the kitchen.

mothers day

Me and Nome

Regardless of who was at the table, the vintage recipe always got everyone talking about time gone by.  My aunts would reminisce about growing up, as would my grandparents. As her mother had done, Nome passed the recipe down to my mother and her sisters so they could do the same with their children one day.  My mother continues to make this beloved recipe when we ask (or beg) and she and I go through the same ritual Nome and I did. My mom gets the plates and pot pie and sides ready and I set the table and then call in the others.  Even though we lost Nome several years ago, as we indulge in this classic Southern dish, we always end up talking about her delicious comfort food and the warm memories we have of her and the ones we shared with her.  It’s incredible how much love and history can be within a simple recipe isn’t it?


Chicken Pot Pie  -Bunny Hamrick

I whole chicken

2-1/2 c. Water

2 chicken boullion cubes

1 onion, chopped

3 Tbsp. cornstarch, dissolved in milk



I box Pillsbury pastry sheets

2 hard boiled eggs, sliced


Cook chicken in water with onion and boullion cubes until done. Remove chicken when cool. Remove skin and pull meat from bone. Set aside. Add cornstarch to chicken stock and heat until thick. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add cut chicken back to stock.

Line a I3 X 9 X 2 inch casserole dish with 1 pastry sheet, cutting strips to line the sides. Pinch together at seams. Cut second pastry sheet to cover the top. Cut the trimmings off ofthe second sheet into small pieces and stir into chicken mixture. Pour mixture into pastry lined casserole. Add sliced eggs. Top with second pastry shell and pinch together at sides.

Bake in preheated 400 degree F. oven for Io minutes. Remove and cut slits in the top, and pour a couple of tablespoons of milk into the slits. Lower temperature of oven to 350 degrees F. and continue baking for 20 minutes until golden brown on top.

This recipe was passed down to Bunny (Nome) by her mother Peggy Brannan Cobb (Nannie). It has always been a family favorite, especially loved by her grandchildren-Sarah, Emily, Keith, Madeline, Trey, Miller, Matthew, Molly, and Reilly.

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The Southern C Summit Charleston

May 8, 2014

Back down South… I like the Midwest but there’s nowhere like the South. To kick off my sabbatical, I spent 4 days in the “Holy City” with some of my favorite people. It was just what I needed to get re-inspired and excited about writing and social media.  I hit the ground running (literally) to the American Theater on Wednesday morning to help set up with the rest of the summit team. As usual rain followed us to Charleston, but if you’ve ever attended a previous summit, you know that rain can’t get us down!

american theater

We kicked off the day with Amy Smilovic of Tibi. Smilovic is a St. Simons Island native, UGA grad, and an inspiration to many. She held her own on the stage giving us many takeaways given her impressive rise to fashion fame and relatable story. She preached about having confidence and staying the course, “Build something great. Believe in it. Do not waver,” she said; it starts with passion.”

The words of wisdom and useful tips continued over the next few days from biz superstars, bloggers, and editors like Tara Geurard, MaryAnn Bekkedahl of Keep, Christopher Lester of Emma Email, Libbie Summers, Katie Armour of The Neotraditionalist and Matchbook Mag, Erin Shaw Street of Southern Living, Hanna Seabrook of Gadabout, Chassity Evans of Look Linger Love, and Jamie Meares of Furbish Studio.


A few more takeaways…

Another from Amy Smilovic: “Think big on goals and small on execution – focus + simplicity.”

Jamie Meares: “Pimp it out like the rent is due.” “You gotta have swagger like Kanye West. I have no idea what he’s selling but I believe him.”

Christopher Lester: “Your brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. Images are KEY!”

Katie Armour: “If you do good work they will find you.”

Chassity Evans: “Don’t be afraid to seek out the people you want to work with. The worst they can say is no.”


The Best of Thomasville, Georgia Break

No summit is complete without incredible food, networking, and parties; Charleston was no exception. Throughout the conference we sampled goodies from around the south, traded tips with small business owners and bloggers, and had a great time. My favorite event this year was our farewell brunch at Le Creuset Atelier overlooking the Ashley River. It the perfect ending to a busy but fun few days in the Lowcountry. It also gave the summit team a little time to relax with the attendees. Don’t get me wrong, I was still tweeting and instagramming like a mad woman but I had time to munch on a BBQ sundae (yep- sundae) and craft a flower necklace with the Beauty Everyday gals.


Le Creuset Brunch

“It starts with passion.” Amy said this during her session on the first day and it strongly resonated with me. At the Summits we come together because of our passions- passion for the South, small business, and connecting with each other. I’m so proud to be a part of this group of creative people and I can’t wait until the next one!

To relive the fun in Charleston or see what the summits are all about- check out instagram or twitter and search #tscsummit.

team tscsummit

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