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Wildwood Flower

March 29, 2012


Working on my Crooked Road case study today and thought I’d share one of my favorite Carter Family songs with y’all- Wildwood Flower.  This video is from the family’s performance at the Grand Ole Opry in 1963.

The Crooked Road Heritage Music Trail is an extensive, 253 mile stretch of highway that meanders across southwestern Virginia, connecting some of the most significant places, people, and sites of American music.

Crooked Road Heritage Music Trail

The Crooked Road thrives as a living resource, maintained by the people that live along this cultural corridor and maintain its significance and authenticity through fierce dedication to the music that holds the region together.  There are weekly jam sessions open to all, festivals, museums, venues, scattered along this windy road and bring in tourists from around the world to experience the region of country music.

I don’t think I’ll be able to get there until after my thesis is finished but I can’t wait to see it all!  Anybody out there ever been?  What were your favorite stops along the way?

Unitarian Church – Charleston, SC

March 25, 2012

unitarian church charleston

wise words

Walking down King Street in Charleston, South Carolina, one afternoon I found this quote at the entrance to something…at the time I wasn’t sure what.  I curiously tip-toed through the cast iron archway and meandered down a brick path.  It went on for a bit and the walkway finally opened up into the gorgeous cemetery of the Unitarian Church of Charleston.  Worth diverting off the beaten path.

unitarian church charleston

cemetery of Unitarian Church Charleston, SC

Tibi Love

March 23, 2012

Spring is finally here- and with that comes spring fashion!  Gimme some bright colors and patterns and I’m good to go.  Tibi, a line based in Soho, is one of my favorites.  Amy Smilovic, is the creative genius behind the brand and happens to be from St. Simons Island, GA (my hometown), and a fellow graduate of the University of Georgia.  The Spring 2012 collection is perfection: modern, beautiful, cool, and above all- effortless.  I have been a fan since the early days, and still inspired by the brand’s incredible evolution, becoming one of the most popular contemporary lines in the world.  These are some of my favorite looks from Spring 2012 (photos courtesy of Tibi).


arizona print

Gemma shift

silk chiffon long dress

Every season, I am amazed by the unique shapes, creative patterns, and wearability of the clothes.  I can throw on a Tibi shift with some flats, and need nothing else.  Living in the South, especially during spring and summer months, you can’t beat the fabrics- they are so lightweight and comfortable.

Lucky for me, and other savvy Tibi fans, there is a Tibi outlet in St. Simons Island.  Yes, it’s true!  Check out this post by fellow blogger and Tibi fan about the not so outlet, Tibi outlet.  This shop is must while in St. Simons for anyone that loves beautiful clothes.

Tibi Outlet photo: Sarah Winchester

Quote from designer Amy Smilovic- “I love fashion. I love beautiful things that are well made, with rich and luxurious fabrics. I’m passionate about art, music, modern architecture, and all things chic. And I think the girls of Charlie’s Angels were possibly the chicest on earth. I worship Charlotte Rampling, Jane Birkin and Lauren Hutton. I think women should dress in a way that’s effortless but never lazy. And nothing is sexier than a woman in a long dress with flats. I love it when I see an individual’s personal style reflected in the way they dress. And I always think a woman should dress in contradictions – youthful and sophisticated, masculine and feminine, bold and muted colors.”

I recently scored this bright, retro-inspired Tibi frock from Suska, a local designer consignment shop in Athens.  Perfect day dress for spring and summer (it has pockets too)!

vintage tibi

photo by Ryan Hines

Located in the heart of Five points, Suska is the perfect place to find inexpensive designer clothing.  From Free People to Prada, they have a wide selection of designer clothing, shoes, bags, and jewelry.  If you’re ever in Athens, Georgia, be sure to check them out!

Pork fat rules

March 22, 2012

The South is known for its BBQ…and naturally, different cities and towns are well known for certain types of this smoked delicacy.  Danielsville, GA is home to one of our favorite BBQ restaurants- Zeb’s Bar-B-Que, and some say the best brunswick stew in Georgia.  Spring and summer scream BBQ weather to me, so we decided to kick off our “staycation” spring break with a visit to Danielsville, Georgia to “pig out.”

As we made our way into Danielsville, we stumbled upon Cherry’s, a new take-out bbq stand just inside the city limits.

Cherry's BBQ

Danielsville, GA

We opted to get a small brunswick stew and small pulled pork sandwich to share, and see how it stacked up to our favorite from Zeb’s BBQ down the road.  It was pretty good.  They gave us a lot for the money; I spent little more than $5 and got 8oz of stew, 2 pieces of sunbeam, bag of chips, and small pork sandwich.  The standout was the pork sandwich- really good vinegar based sauce that packed a big punch.

We headed down the road to our next stop and ran across this local antique shop.  They had just closed, but I will be going back to check them out!

Antiques- Danielsville, GA It looks like a gas station/general store from the early twentieth century turned antique store.  From the looks of their porch and yard, the inside has got to be chock full of vintage finds.  A must visit next time I’m in Danielsville.

Next stop: Zeb’s Bar-B-Que

Zeb's BBQ How awesome is this sign?  This place has been around a while- at least since the 1960s if not longer.  One of the best barbeque places I’ve ever been to and with over 4,000 “likes” on Facebook, you know they’re doing something right.  Zeb’s is a small, family owned business, with grandmothers, mothers, and daughters holding down the fort.  The interior is my favorite part of Zeb’s: communal style tables, with centerpiece of sunbeam bread, hot sauce, paper towels, and other condiments, and walls are lined with racing posters and other memorabilia.  Doesn’t get much more Southern than this place.


Zebs BBQ

zebs bbq


zeb's bbq

Zebs BBQ

Zeb’s menu

Hard to say what Zeb’s is known for BBQ wise, most people say the pulled pork or the brunswick stew…doesn’t really matter because it’s all awesome.

I love Zeb’s retro, homey vibe when you walk in the front door- like you just stepped into your slightly zany, great aunt’s kitchen, circa 1975.  It could be the yellowish glow of the interior lighting, its location inside a cottage turned restaurant, or the motherly staff always greeting you with a big “how y’all doin?,” making sure you have all the sauce you need (you can never have enoug), or maybe it’s just tasty barbecue.  Probably all of the above.  Whatever it is – it works.  And you know what They say- If it ain’t broke…

A true neighborhood/local hangout, whenever you come to Zeb’s, especially on a Friday night, it’s always packed with people hangin’ out, gossiping, and piggin’ out.  Ryan introduced me to Zeb’s several years ago, and we love going whenever we can get outta town.  A cup of brunswick stew or pulled pork sandwich is the perfect end to a long day on the Broad River (near Danielsville).

Spring Break

March 18, 2012

My last spring break ever has come to a close…  This year I opted to catch up on work but not without reminiscing about last year’s spring break pilgrimage to Natchez, Mississippi and New Orleans.

We started in Natchez then worked our way down to Nola to spend St. Patty’s Day and do some shopping.  On our last day we hit Magazine Street, known for its locally owned shops.  There were so many unique shops to visit: clothing stores, antique shops, bookstores, cafes, etc.

One of the first stops was Lili Vintage; I was in love.  The shop is located in a small unassuming white cottage in this retail hot-spot and filled with gorgeous frills from days past.  The boutique specializes in cocktail dresses and vintage jewelry, but carries a wide selection of day dresses, tops, jackets, and shoes.  I have an obsession with vintage pendents and found the perfect 1960s, heart shaped pendant to add to my collection.

Lili Vintage photo courtesy of http://lilivintage.com

After walking around for a while in the blazing heat, we decided to hit one more place that had been recommended to me.  The last stop was Sucré, a boutique sweet shop, located in the heart of this shopping district.  It was incredible.

Inside we were bombarded with cases and cases of beautifully crafted, individual desserts and a gelato bar.  Overwhelmed and becoming delirious from the intoxicating smell of dark chocolate, I gravitated to the gelato to get a quick fix while I perused the rest of chocolate heaven.

Being surrounded by rows of tarts, macaroons, truffles, the list goes on and on, I felt a little like Marie Antoinette and had to suppress the urge to yell out “Let them eat cake!”

If you have trouble deciding when it comes to sweets- worry not, they have variety gift boxes that you can customize!   Needless to say we each walked out with a gift box for ourselves.  Sucré was the perfect end to our spring break indulgence.

Sunday Funday photo

March 18, 2012

Highway 57 heading south

Headin’ south

Crusin’ through a pecan grove- Highway 57 Johnson County, Georgia

The Broad River

March 11, 2012

Broad River, Georgia

Broad River, Georgia

It’s about that time again…

You go girls

March 9, 2012

Happy International Women’s Day!  Never heard of it?  Here’s a little backstory:

international womens day

via dailymail

International Women’s Day has been observed since in the early 1900’s, a time of great expansion and turbulence in the industrialized world that saw booming population growth and the rise of radical ideologies. For more click here.

In the spirit of this holiday, I thought I’d share an inspiring article I came across the other day.  Entitled “They Made Main Street Their Own: How Four Women Revived a Derelict Mississippi Town,” this article is about how four women in small town Mississippi, Water Valley to be exact, have changed their main street for the better.  The ladies of the article, Megan Patton, Coulter Fussell, Erin Austen Abbott and Alexe van Beuren, are part of a new group of business owners in Water Valley, Mississippi.

The town experienced steady growth in the early twentieth century and was booming by the 1920’s.  Water Valley was a central railroad center for the surrounding agricultural community.  After the railroad industry slowed down by the 1950s and the agricultural industry moved towards more of a timber focus, Water Valley, was largely left abandoned.

In recent years, the main street has gone from 18 storefront vacancies to 6, largely due to the drive of these four women.  “All are particularly skilled at renovation, having stripped and rebuilt, among them, three houses and one storefront. That their husbands are in the music business and on the road for months at a time has only accelerated their prowess with hand tools.”  They saw an opportunity to purchase affordable real-estate (houses and commercial buildings) that could be easily rehabilitated and they took it.  By doing so, Water Valley has been given a new life.

One of my favorite buildings that has been adaptively reused is the B.T.C. Old Fashioned Grocery.

B.T.C. old fashioned grocery

photo courtesy of Suzassippi’s Blogspot

It is located in a 140 year old building on main street that Ms. van Beuren and her husband rescued from a developer that was planning to raze the building.  The renovations took three years, and by May of 2010, the couple opened their old fashioned grocery.

Just another small-town grocery… where the food tastes like it used to:  is the motto of the unique grocery and cafe.  They sell locally produced as often as possible (visit their where we get our food page) and have an in house bakery and cafe.

After studying historic preservation for two years and constantly hearing about how difficult it is to get people motivated to rehabilitate versus demolition and adaptively reusing buildings, it is so refreshing and inspiring to see that it CAN be done and done well.  Gonna need to make a visit!

For more info on this story check out the NY times article.  PS if you like interior design, antiques, furniture, etc, check out the extra images in the article.  You can see snapshots of their restored homes and these ladies have excellent taste.

Lake Lounging

March 4, 2012

lake lounging

The Lake House- Inland Lake, Alabama

Spring break is almost here.

Birthday in Atlanta

March 3, 2012

I find birthdays to be the best excuse to “go big or go home”…To ring in 33 for my honey, we had a full day of food, art, and music in the ATL.

1st stop: Table1280 at the Woodruff Arts Center.

Table 1280 AtlantaGorgeous interior, light and bright.  The minimalist decor and floor to ceiling windows are nothing revolutionary, but they do this look very well and it complements the aesthetic of the arts center perfectly.  Really loved the multi-colored lighting that ran the length of the rear wall.  The food was sooo good too.  American fare, jacked up a few notches, but not pretentious.  We shared a white truffle chicken salad sandwich, “monte” style cuban sandwich, caramelized onion soup, tomato basil soup, and finished with some heavenly chocolate ice cream spiked with espresso chips.

2nd Stop: High Museum of Art

After stuffing ourselves we headed next door to see the Picasso to Warhol exhibit.  I am a huge fan of the Modern masters, so this was a must see.  On a late Thursday afternoon, the crowds weren’t too bad and the selected works were excellent.  Here are some of my favs…

Girl Before a Mirror

Girl Before a Mirror, Picasso 1932

Fernand Leger

Three Women, Fernand Leger 1921-1922

Andy Warhol

Romare Bearden

Patchwork Quilt, Romare Bearden 1970

Last Stop: Phillips Arena

Last but not least, we rounded out the birthday with a visit to Phillips Arena to see Radiohead.  One of those bucket list type of shows…it exceeded all of my expectations.  I didn’t bring my camera inside but the lighting throughout the show was so amazing I did my best to capture it on my phone.

radiohead in atlanta

Radiohead light screens

If they come ANYWHERE near you do yourself a favor and go.

Ryan’s bday extravaganza complete.

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